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Make your business deposits from the comfort of your own office with the Farmers Bank Direct Link Merchant – Remote Deposit Capture Solution.

Direct Link Merchant is a service provided exclusively to Farmers Bank business customers. This service allows you to utilize a bank supplied scanner that connects to your computer and the Internet. With this scanner you can scan your checks and deposit them electronically to the bank, anytime day or night.

  • Reduced travel – depositing your checks electronically reduces your travel expenses to the bank.
  • Archived information – deposit information is stored online for 45 days or you can print custom reports with check images to keep forever.
  • Deposits anytime – make electronic deposits anytime, day or night*.
  • Multiple deposits per day – with Remote Deposit Capture you don’t have to wait for all of your checks to come in, make a deposits as often as you like.
  • Convenience – deposit your checks from the comfort of your own office.

* Deposits made after 5:00 PM will be processed on the next business day. Direct Link Merchant requires a personal computer running Windows 7 or Better, a USB 2.0 port and a high speed internet connection. You cannot deposit cash with DirectLink Merchant.

For more information about this great service, contact any Farmers Bank location.


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