Mobile Deposit

Deposit Checks 24 Hours a Day, Seven Days a Week

Mobile Deposit is a remote deposit solution available with Mobile Banking. With Mobile Deposit, you can deposit a check into your account whenever you like, day or night, 365 days a year. All you have to do is capture an image of your check using your smartphone and then transmit the image electronically using the simple online instructions provided to you. Your funds will be placed in your account without your having to visit a physical branch or ATM. It’s that simple!

The Benefits of Mobile Deposit

  • You can make secure deposits 24 hours a day, seven days a week into your checking or savings account from the comfort of your home or wherever else you have Internet access.
  • All you need is a smartphone and our app and you can deposit checks using Mobile Deposit.
  • You’ll save a trip to a bank branch or ATM and avoid the delays associated with having to send checks through the mail.
  • Mobile Deposit allows for more efficient check and remittance processing.

How Mobile Deposit Works

  • Simply log into the Farmers Bank mobile app and click “Check Deposit” under the menu options tab in the upper left hand corner.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • You’ll be prompted to enter the check amount and scan the check.
  • After the check has been successfully scanned, Mobile Deposit will display the check image and will prompt you to validate it.
  • That’s it! Your check has been deposited into your account!


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