Online Banking

The best manager of your finances is YOU. Keeping track of deposits you make, balances on hand, bills or other withdrawals will help prevent unwanted surprises. Farmers Bank offers several tools to enable your success, including checkbook registers, online or mobile banking and electronic monthly statements.

You can conveniently:

  • See if you have enough money in your account, by checking your available balance and deducting checks or automated bills that are pending.
  • Find out if your paycheck has been direct deposited into your account.
  • View online statements instead of having them mailed to you. It’s quicker and you will save paper!
  • Securely download your transactions into Quicken or Quick Books.

If you don’t already bank online, Enroll today!

Another feature of Online Banking is that you can now download your banking transactions into the Quicken® and QuickBooks® software.

Consolidate and organize your financial information.

Quicken is the personal financial software that makes money management a breeze. That’s why so many people use it to create budgets and plans, track their spending, savings and tax data. QuickBooks is the financial software catered to businesses.

Features and Benefits

  • Download your balances and transaction information.
  • Use the electronic register to manage your checking account.
  • Budget, chart and plan your financial future.
  • Pay bills or transfer funds between Farmers Bank accounts.
  • Track spending, tax data, investments and net worth


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